Research in Temiskaming

Temiskaming2008-2010 S.M.A.R.T Canola Project2010
Temiskaming2018 New Liskeard Station Research Summary2019
Temiskaming2019 Grant Ag Crop Trials2019
TemiskamingA Cereal Intercrop System for Silage and Pasture1999
TemiskamingA Feasibility Study to Revitalize the New Liskeard College of Agriculture Technology in Association With the Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology, Volume One: Report1994
TemiskamingA Feasibility Study to Revitalize the New Liskeard College of Agriculture Technology in Association With the Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology, Volume Two: Report1994
TemiskamingAlfalfa Harvest Management Strategies for Northern Ontario - Forage Quality1995
TemiskamingAlfalfa Harvest Management Strategies for Northern Ontario - Yield and Persistance1995
TemiskamingAlfalfa Seeding Rates- How Much is Enough1992
TemiskamingBrief Overview of Pasture Species and Mixtures1993
TemiskamingCanola Demonstration Plots2004
TemiskamingCereal Intercrop Systems for Silage and Pasture- Farm Scale Trials2001
TemiskamingCereals for Emergency Forage Production1996
TemiskamingComparison of Carbohydrate Sources for Lambs Fed Alfalfa Silage1998
TemiskamingComparison of Kura Clover Grass and White Clover Grass Mixtures1999
TemiskamingCorn Grazing Project2004
TemiskamingCorn Silage Plots2006
TemiskamingCorn Silage Plots2007
TemiskamingCorn Silage Plots2008
TemiskamingCrop Advances: Field Crop Reports 20072007
TemiskamingDayneutral Strawberry Cultivars for Ontario Producers2005
TemiskamingDeveloping F1-Hybrid Seed-Propagated Dayneutral Strawberry Cultivars
TemiskamingEconomic Impact Study of the Agriculture Sector in Temiskaming2004
TemiskamingEffect of Fall Harvesting Date on Stubble Turnip Yield and Quality1998
TemiskamingEffect of Forage Finishing and Cattle Breed on Growth Perfrmance, Carcass Characteristics, Eating Quality and Nutrient Composition of Forge Finished Beef Relative to a Grain Finished Product - Mandell, Ira2020
TemiskamingEffects of Length of Blossom Removal on Albion and Seascape Dayneutral Strawberries2007
TemiskamingEstablishment Methods for Forages2001
TemiskamingEvaluation of Corn Silage Hybrids in Temiskaming2005
TemiskamingEvaluation of Kura Clover in Ontario2002
TemiskamingExperience with Pasture Lambing during Severe Weather1998
TemiskamingExtending the Season with Dayneutral Strawberries & Protected Cultivation of Raspberries2012
TemiskamingFababeans Factsheet2016
TemiskamingFeedlot Performance of Terminal and Maternal Cross Lambs2000
TemiskamingField Management with Aerial Imagery
TemiskamingFlushing and Breeding Ewes on Stockpiled Pasture - 3 Year Summa2001
TemiskamingForage Production from Spring Cereals and Cereal-Pea Mixes1998
TemiskamingForage Production from Three Soybean Varieties
TemiskamingForage Production of Meadow Fescue at New Liskeard and Emo1996
TemiskamingFungicide Evaluation on Barley2012
TemiskamingGrazing Standing Corn with Sheep1999
TemiskamingHavesting Soybeans for Silage1998
TemiskamingHerbicide evaluation to control smooth bedstraw2012
TemiskamingHigh tunnel increase berry yields in a cool climate2011
TemiskamingHow does forage finishing affect product quality? 2013
TemiskamingImproving Malting Barley Yields & Quality in Northern Climates2021
TemiskamingInformation Seminar Document For: Bennett Environmental Inc. Proposed Thermal Oxidizer Kirkland Lake, Ontario2002
TemiskamingKura Clover Pasture Mixtures - Companion Grasses and Seeding Rate2002
TemiskamingLamb Feeding Demonstration Project1998
TemiskamingLamb Output from Two Pasture Systems1999
TemiskamingLand Clearing Reference Document2017
TemiskamingNew Liskeard Agricultural Research Station 2015 IOM Presentation 2015
TemiskamingNew Liskeard Agricultural Research Station Crop Trials 2013 Summary of Results2013
TemiskamingNew Liskeard Agricultural Research Station Crop Trials 20152015
TemiskamingNew Liskeard Agricultural Research Station Forage Trials 20132013
TemiskamingNew Liskeard Agricultural Research Station Forage Trials 20142014
TemiskamingNew Liskeard Agriculture Research Station 2016 Crop Research Summary2016
TemiskamingNitrogen Management on Complex Mixtures at Contrasting Sites in Easter Canada2014
TemiskamingNLARS 2019 Report2019
TemiskamingPerformance of Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures in 19981998
TemiskamingPerformance of Conventional, Dwarf, Grazing and Silage Corn1999
TemiskamingPerformance of Ewes Grazing Stubble Turnips1999
TemiskamingPlanning Elements for Agricultural Programming serving North-Eastern (&Northern) Ontario2017
TemiskamingPreliminary Report on The Proposed Abattoir for The South Temiskaming Area2005
TemiskamingProduction of Northern Ontario Short Season Grain Corn Under Biodegradable Plastic Mulch Using a SAMCO Planter2013
TemiskamingPurchase and Operations of Thornloe Cheese Feasibility Report2006
TemiskamingRecommendation to NOFIA Board of Directors June 20142014
TemiskamingReport on the Proposed Abattoir for The South Temiskaming Area2006
TemiskamingSoil Survey of New Liskeard-Englehart Area1952
TemiskamingSoil Survey: New Liskeard – Englehart Area1972
TemiskamingSoybean Field Trials2007
TemiskamingSoybean Plots2006
TemiskamingSPUD Unit
TemiskamingStockpile Grazing - The Key to Lower Feed Costs
TemiskamingStockpiled Pasture- Effect of Harvest Date on the Yield and Quality1996
TemiskamingStockpiled Pasture- Effect of Mgmt System & Nitrogen Application1997
TemiskamingStockpiled Pasture- Effect of Stockpile Grazing in Fall on Forage Production the Following Season1997
TemiskamingStockpiled Pasture- Lamb Performance on Two Stockpiling Systems1997
TemiskamingStockpiled Pasture- Performance of Four Grass Species in Stockpiling system1996
TemiskamingStockpiling Forages - Which ones and how to
TemiskamingStockpiling Systems - Evaluation of Mgmt Strategies under Clipp1992
TemiskamingStubble Turnip Variety Test1999
TemiskamingTemiskaming District Agricultural Economic Sector Profile 2009
TemiskamingTemiskaming Oilseed Industry Evaluation and Action Plan A Feasibility Study2001
TemiskamingThe City of Temiskaming Shores Design Charrette April 20052005
TemiskamingThe Soils of the Ville-Marie Map Sheet1990
TemiskamingWinter Wheat & Spring Wheat Sown in Fall2006
TemiskamingWinter Wheat Test 2007
TemiskamingYield and Quality of Cereal and Cereal pea companion crops and their effect on alfalfa establishment1995
TemiskamingYield of Barley and Canola when Grown as a Companion Crop2000