Organizations in Manitoulin

Breeder Finance Cooperative
Christian Farmers' Association of Northeastern Ontario
Farm Start
Feeder Finance Cooperative
Gilpin Farm Services
Manitoulin Cattlemen's Association
Manitoulin Community Food Network
Manitoulin Island Community Abattoir
Manitoulin Livestock Exchange
Manitoulin Soils and Crop Improvment Association
Manitoulin Stocker Pasture/Ice Lake Pasture
Manitoulin Veterinary Services Committee
Manitoulin West Sudbury Milk Producers' Assoc.
Manitoulin-North Shore Federation of Agriculture
Northern Ontario Aquaculture Association
Northern Ontario SCIA- EFP and GYFP, OPEP, NM
Northland AgroMart
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Ontario Haskap Association
The Burt Farm