Parry Sound


The 2016 farm cash receipts for the district totaled $6.2 million, with $1.2 million in maple syrup production and $0.6 million in hay & clover. 2016 yields averaged 1.7 tons/acre of hay.

Ag Overview

Based on the 2016 Census, the District had 252 farms, with the majority involved in livestock production. Hay is the predominant field crop, but oats, corn and mixed grains are also grown. A large number of the farms are smaller in size with under $10,000 in farm cash receipts. Maple syrup production is important within the District and is celebrated every April with a large Maple Syrup Festival that draws thousands of participants.

Climate and Soil

From May-October 2016, the District experienced an average of 325 mm of precipitation, 1,670 growing degree days and 2,655 crop heat units. The District lies within plant hardiness zone 4b and climate zone E. Parry Sound experiences more freeze/thaw events and more winter kill in the fields compared with other areas in the District. Soils are made up almost entirely of humo-ferric podzol soils and tend to be highly acidic, with agricultural like used to improve yields.

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